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First Aid Training for Children

Children should be 'given or allowed' the opportunity to acquire life saving skills. Not only can they help others, but it  gives them the knowledge to help keep them safe from harm.  Whether its a three year old learning how to ring the emergency services to an older child performing  CPR, all these actions can hugely benefit someone who suddenly becomes either sick or injured.

Cotswold First Aid have taught nearly 1,600 children of all ages, either in schools, clubs or in specially arranged groups.  The use of play, games and crafts makes a difficult subject more enjoyable and interesting.

All children get a certificate.  Further merchandise available to purchase.

EYFS (3 -4 years)

How to call emergency services? 

Staying Safe

How to put on a plaster


Key Stage 1 (5-7 years)

When and how to get help?

Spotting Dangers

How to check if someone is responsive and breathing 

What to do if someone wont wake up (recovery position)

What to do if someone is bleeding

Key Stage 2  (7 -11 years)

What is first aid?

First Aid Kits

How to help someone who is unconscious, but breathing (recovery position)

How to help someone who is unconscious, but not breathing (hands only CPR)


What is an AED (defibrillator)




What Early Years customers are saying:

"Thank you Cotswold First Aid for coming to our Pre-School recently to spend the morning with us! The children understood the message of calling 999 in an emergency, as this was done in such a funny way - one 3 year old proved this by playing with a fire engine later on and when I asked who he would telephone if he saw smoke "999 I need fire engine" and asked who he would ask for if Granny was lying on the floor "999 I need an ambulance""

SS(pre school manager)

What Key Stage 1 customers are saying:

"Lisa visited our child minding setting today for a mini medics workshop. She was absolutely fantastic with the children and I highly recommend her. She was so caring and patient with the children who were all different ages. I'll definitely be recommending her to other childminders and nurseries."

UJ (Child minder)

What Key Stage 2 customers are saying:

"I attended the mini medics course today as a parent volunteer. I have to say I learnt as much as the kids! Lisa was fantastic, the children had fun and I now would be confident in using a defibrillator if the need ever arose."

AB (parent volunteer)

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